Yorktown Mall Play Area

Modern Play

The Challenge

The owners of Yorktown Mall wanted a play area that was unlike any other they’d seen. They wanted something fresh that would not feel dated after a couple of years. And most importantly, one that kids would want to return to again and again.

The Solution

Art museum/meets science museum/meets play area. The blobs, as they came to be known, were designed with the idea that, like clouds in a summer sky, children would use their imagination to see what they wanted to see in the fun, colorful, shapes. Two “zones,” one for smaller children that focuses on sensory play such as visual and tactile experiences, and another for older children that focuses on physical development like climbing and sliding, make up the main play area. A large touch screen monitor allows children to play games, practice their drawing skills or showcase themselves in an interactive app that features funny disguises. The seating, where parents can take a load off, is centrally located so mom or dad can see both an older and younger child enjoying “the blobs” from a single vantage point.

Experience Counts

The business of fun is serious business. Having first established the minimum radius afforded by the bendable plywood and laminate that would serve as the “skin” of the structures, our designers set about rendering the layers of CNC cut panels and trim pieces that would be applied to the metal frames. Making sure each piece fit snugly and allowed all the proper spaces for bolts, fasteners and overlaps had to be carefully thought out before any actual construction could begin. Weighing in at nearly five-thousand pounds and standing over fourteen feet tall, the largest of the blobs needed to break down for shipping and installation purposes. Moving such a large piece required special “fork lift channels” be designed into the main body in order to move it without damaging the structure. When all’s said and done, a lot of work goes into a little bit of whimsy.

  • Client : YTC Management LLC
  • Design : Dillon Works, Inc.
  • Venue : Yorktown Mall
  • Location : Lombard, Illinois