Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino

We’re a sure bet.

The Challenge

Casinos come in all shapes and sizes. We should know, we’ve had a hand in least a dozen over the years. The Wild Horse Pass Resort Hotel and Casino was very sophisticated in its design approach. By combining modern, clean lines and defused lighting with natural materials like wood, rough stone and steel, the multiple bars, restaurants, hallways and lobby spaces manage to be both warm and inviting as well as stylish. It was our job to fabricate the many decorative elements and lighting effects that would help bring the designer’s vision to life.

The Solution

Wild Horse Pass was certainly a project that gave our metal workers a chance to shine…and grind…and weld. The metal and aluminum light boxes, decorative ceiling elements, and massive drum-shaped lighting fixtures were made to incorporate a variety of colorful, cast acrylic panels and are a great example of how art can blend seamlessly with functionality. The elegant, perforated metal column extensions in the hotels main lobby tower over a native-carved mesquite horse sculpture down below. In addition to metal, we supplied a set of hand-carved wood doors, rough-hewn ceiling beams and spme framed woven wood wall decor.

Experience Counts

When two companies are selling a similar product and the cost of that product is comparable, it really just comes down to value on the dollar. That was the case with Dillon Works and our closest competitor on the bid for the Wild Horse Pass project. When the owner’s rep put in his two cents, saying that he believed Dillon Works would be the company to provide his clients with the biggest bang for their buck, we were glad to hear that our reputation had preceded us. By being creative with both the aesthetics of the elements we produce as well as the way resources are allocated throughout the scope of the project, we are able to provide a high level of value optimization that not only keeps our customers happy, but helps us cement our reputation as a provider of high quality design/fabrication.

  • Client : Kitchell Contractors
  • Design : JCI Architecture
  • Venue : Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino
  • Location : Chandler, AZ