Skotdal Sculptures

Functional Art

The Challenge

Having partnered several times in the past with the Skotdal Real Estate Development group in Everett, Washington, Dillon Works has happily become a creative resource in their goal to help revitalize the growing downtown corridor with the installation of several public art pieces. These sculptures needed to be playful, inspiring and in some cases, serve a practical function as well.

The Solution

For the Library Place Apartments, which are adjacent to the public library, we created a sculpture of eight-foot tall classic novels that serve to conceal a large electrical transformer. A collection of pencils fabricated from sheet stainless steel, fiberglass and a durable powder coat finish, adorn the sidewalk just down the street, while a six-foot high airplane tail section calls attention to the entrance of the Aero Apartment building. After providing us with the one-word theme of “Lift,” we developed an original sculpture of a child in aviator glasses and scarf tossing a paper airplane. Standing an impressive thirteen feet high, this steel and fiberglass sculpture is painted with a faux metallic finish and designed with special considerations for wind loads, water runoff and yes, even the odd, ill-advised sculpture climber.

Experience Counts

As a full-service design/build facility, Dillon Works has many tools in its toolbox that a single artist working by themselves simply may not possess. Having created pieces of this nature all over the world, we have the background and diversification of material knowledge to facilitate a wide range of design possibilities. By designing and building, we’re able to make smart decisions both creatively and practically that give our customers, whatever the size of their budget, the most for their money. When it comes to public art like the pieces we’ve made for the Skotdal family, we know that it’s our job to act as the creative tool that brings their vision to life.

  • Client : Skotdal Real Estate
  • Design : Dillon Works, Inc.
  • Location : Everett, Washington