SCH Bellevue Clinic Exam Rooms

Take a chill pill

The Challenge

Hospitals can be pretty intimidating…especially for kids. Turning a sterile room full of monitors and strange looking machines into a more calming environment for children has been shown to reduce stress levels and the need for sedation during MRI scanning. With this goal in mind, Seattle Children’s Hospital asked us to re-imagine this sometimes scary experience from the child’s point of view and create a space that was more kid-friendly and less threatening. Due to the sensitivity of the machines, our work could not include any metal or be in any way intrusive to the room’s primary function

The Solution

With illustrations provided by Seattle Children’s favorite local illustrator, our team set about designing the new look for the hospital’s MRI and Fluoroscopy rooms. Each features a variation on a different theme and utilizes a plotted vinyl back drop covered with a combination of digitally printed vinyl graphics, iridescent shapes and hand-painted fluorescent images. When the technician lowers the room lighting, a DMX lighting system brings up black light effects that reveal previously unseen characters cavorting on the walls.

Experience counts

The subtle distraction that is provided by this charming and stylish wall décor and special lighting effects go a long way toward calming a nervous patient. The room is no longer so intimidating…the procedure less scary. And while the children are admiring the glowing jelly fish on the walls, technicians and medical professionals are free to focus their efforts on the important work at hand.

  • Client : Seattle Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center
  • Design : Dillon Works, Inc / Illustrations by
  • Location : Bellevue, Washington