M&M’s World Shanghai Mood Analyzer

Analyze This

The Challenge

In a city known for its vibrant lights and sleek spectacle, drawing customers in off Shanghai’s East Nanjing road and into the new M&M’s World retail store required a bit a spectacle of our own.  We created this attention-grabbing display on two stories of the new store in Shanghai, China.

The Solution

By combining iconic Chinese cultural elements with M&M’s world-famous brand, we created an animated light show made up of two hundred and twenty hanging lanterns that were designed to capture the attention of anyone passing the storefront on Shanghai’s main thoroughfare. The lanterns, made from preprinted vacuum-formed plastic and color changing LEDs, employ a programmable show control system that also serves as the focal point for an M&M themed “Mood Analyzer.” By stepping up to one of several video stations throughout the store, a customer has their mood “analyzed” and then are directed to the color of M&M’s they so clearly desire.

Experience Counts

It is imperative that we have a clear understanding of how visual lines, lighting and design approach can help guide customers through a space. These two important considerations, the actual physical structures themselves, as well as the psychological underpinnings of how they are meant function, are two good examples of our holistic approach to a project. We strive to meet our customers retail needs by providing functionally stylish elements that look great, last, and serve their ultimate purpose.

Animated Mood Analyzer, M&Ms® World Shanghai from Dillon Works on Vimeo.

  • Client : Mars Retail Group
  • Design : FITCH
  • Venue : M&M's® World Shanghai
  • Location : Shanghai, PR China