Ilani Casino Resort


The Challenge

When it comes to interiors, casinos are designed to look as if money is no object, except that it always is. Fortunately, the big payoff comes once the doors are open for business. The Ilani Casino Resort features lots of decorative metal elements including topographical wall panels and eagle-feather inspired entry screens, illuminated wavy panels and a 30-foot ceiling ribbon suspended over the lounge area. The wall panels and entry screens were intended to have a rich polished brass finish, but the budget didn’t support that.

The Solution

Our ingenious approach was to make what looks like 2″ thick polished brass, out of a plastic polymer. And although fabricating the panels was very labor intensive, using the plastic material instead of real metal saved a ton of cash. Speaking of tons, even though the finished panels are a lot lighter than steel, brass or aluminum ones would have been, they still weigh over a ton each. Try wrestling those through a standard set of double doors!

Experience Counts

Bidding for casino projects is very competitive, with GCs looking for the very best price in order to stay on budget. Our innovative solutions set us apart from the crowd and earned us a place in the winner’s circle!

  • Client : Swinerton Builders
  • Design : Friedmutter Group
  • Venue : Ilani Casino Resort
  • Location : Ridgefield, WA