Gorillas of the African Forest

The Challenge

The Gorillas of the African Forest Exhibit gave our artisans and crafts people an opportunity to show their wide range of talents. From an array of bronze cast insects, skulls and horns, to hand-painted murals and museum-quality sculptures, our staff needed to be able to supply the quality of workmanship that is essential to bringing an interpretive designer’s vision to life.

The Solution

In addition to providing signage styled in the indigenous colors and tribal patterns of the region where the gorillas reside, our paint department also created two large wall murals for the arrival building. One, a cave painting of three Bongos, a kind of African antelope, and the other, an eleven foot tall African elephant walking majestically toward the viewer. Fabricating the three, life-like specimens of Colobus Monkeys that look down on zoo patrons from the branches of a real tree required great care and attention to detail as well as structural know how. As nimble as they might look, those monkeys are engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Experience Counts

Sometimes it is our job to help educate our customers as to our process and how we go about our particular brand of creative problem solving. It’s also true, however, that we get an education every time we embark on a new project. Like, did you know that Colobus monkeys don’t have any thumbs? Gaining an understanding and sense of compassion for the plight of our animal friends is just one of the side benefits of having been a part of bringing this educational and inspiring exhibit to life.

  • Client : W.S. Bellows Construction
  • Design : The Portico Group
  • Venue : Houston Zoo
  • Location : Houston, Texas