How to break the internet

The Challenge

In the modern world of marketing there is perhaps no greater tool than that of social media. When we were approached with the idea to build a twenty-seven foot tall beast from another dimension wreaking havoc on the streets of downtown Seattle, Wizards of the Coast’s intention was to furnish the visitors of the PAX gaming convention with a scene of such spectacle that they would not be able to resist sharing it with the wider world via the internet. Making it happen in the three-day window of the convention without anyone seeing it before the opening day was up to us.

The Solution

We built a detailed scale model of the creature and had it 3-D scanned. Then, using the files created, we CNC cut the enormous pieces out of EPS foam and re-assembled them over a steel armature that we constructed as a tripod. This was done to accommodate the requirements that the entire structure be both freestanding and in compliance with all applicable city codes for earthquake and wind shear. Three one hundred gallon rain barrels were placed inside the “trunk” of the beast for additional ballast. Once on site, it took two forklifts, one crane and a crew of fourteen to place the sections together over the sidewalk. All of this was done under cover of darkness and with the Eldrazi wrapped in plastic so as not to spoil the surprise on the first day of the convention. Finally, the mangled police car was put in place and an actual Seattle City light pole used to disguise the third leg of the tripod. Smoke, slabs of broken concrete and flashing lights finished the scene nicely.

Experience Counts

On the morning of the first day of the convention the Eldrazi was finally ready for its big reveal to the public. Within hours, the internet had exploded with tweets and Instagram posts of the giant beast bursting out of the sidewalk and crushing a police car with one of its huge tentacle-like arms. Our clients called it “One of the most successful physical marketing campaigns in the company’s history…” Which we take to mean, “a job well done.”

  • Client : Wizards of the Coast
  • Design : Dillon Works | Sitelines
  • Venue : PAX 2015
  • Location : Seattle, WA