Dylan's Candy Bar

Eye Candy

The Challenge

With millions of visitors each year to stores in cities across the country, our chocolate drips, dot tables and giant lollipop trees had to not only LOOK tasty but be extremely durable. Achieving a level of absolute consistency regarding the colors used in the various candy pieces required recipes almost as complex as the ones used in the actual candy, albeit mixed with urethane instead of chocolate.

The Solution

Scratches happen. That’s a fact of retail life. But by integrally tinting our candy pieces before they are primed, painted and covered with a tough automotive clear coat, we mitigate this issue by making the material underneath the paint the…exact…same…color. Clever, huh?

Experience Counts

Return business is the best kind of endorsement. And forging relationships of trust with long-time clients like Dylan Lauren is something we take great pride in. Building that trust takes consistency and an unflagging commitment to quality. That’s what keeps her coming back. At our shop, she’s like a kid in a candy store!

  • Client : Dylan's Candy Bar
  • Design : Chute Gerdeman
  • Venue : Dylan's Candy Bar
  • Location : Nationwide