Death Star Theater

The Challenge

Working from conceptual drawings supplied by ILM’s own Doug Chiang, our first task was to turn the artwork into the build able components that would transform what was essentially a 42 by 57 foot box into that sleek, quasi-industrial interior so familiar to Star Wars fans around the world. Because so many of the walls and gussets required metallic automotive finishes, it was necessary that they be painted in our spray booth and then carefully fit into place on site.

The Solution

Once the shop drawings were complete, we began to construct the fiber optic star fields, automated “airlock” doors and a gang plank walkway that featured “infinity mirrors,” an effect that created the illusion above and below, of walls that went on forever. Acoustic panels, leather seats, and a state-of-the-art projection system finished things off nicely. Oh, and a door that featured Han Solo frozen in carbonite for the media room. We’re sure Jabba the Hut would approve.

Experience Counts

There are a lot of talented builders and architects out there that do beautiful work. That said: sometimes tastes run a little far a field for even the best of them. When you need something really extraordinary, and maybe a little bit different, call us. We’re specialist in “a little bit (or a lot) different”.

  • Client : Confidential
  • Design : Doug Chiang
  • Venue : Private Residence
  • Location : Confidential