Bloomberg HQ Environmental Graphics


The Challenge

Bloomberg’s designers had very ambitious goals in mind when they set about conceiving a fresh new look for the company’s News and Media offices located in Washington DC. In an effort to artfully represent the various factions of the company’s journalistic, political and entrepreneurial goals, we were asked to produce several sleek, modern pieces that met the high standards of the Bloomberg brand.

The Solution

For the first, an imaginative rendering of the old adage “Time is Money”; we created a large mural depicting a world map where each time zone is represented by the corresponding country’s symbol for currency. Located between floors in the main lobby, the scale and complexity of this design required a high level of precision and technical expertise. With lines as small as a thirty-second of an inch that spanned over twenty feet in length, we needed to develop new processes and methodology for “weeding” the masking of the acetate that would ensure a clean and accurate application on site. The second, a series of seven Venn diagrams representing the Bloomberg’s many diverse attributes, were waterjet cut from very thin sheets of aluminum and carefully mounted to the elevator thresholds on each floor of the offices.

Experience Counts

Like any other industry, custom fabrication is about making connections and forming relationships. We’re proud of the fact that the designers, architects and the diverse range of clients we’ve worked with over the years often call on us again. Sometimes, however, it is simply a case of having built a reputation for being able to handle the tricky stuff. When technical precision and precise execution of concept are an absolute must, you have our number.

  • Client : Via Collective
  • Design : Volume, Inc.
  • Venue : Bloomberg Headquarters
  • Location : Washington, DC