Our Legacy

Dillon Works is a turnkey, custom design and fabrication company located just north of Seattle.  For nearly 35 years, our creativity and high quality of fabrication execution has been integrated into projects in a variety of markets spanning the globe including, but not limited to Hospitality, Healthcare, Worship Facilities, Museums, Retail, Sports Venues, Casinos, Theme Parks and Tradeshow Exhibits.

Dedicated Staff
Successful Years
Million Square Inch Facility

Our work can be found all over the United States and in Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Estonia, International Waters, the UAE, Macau, Shanghai, Mexico, and even Canada. We’ve created work that sells products, educates young minds, entertains families and delights audiences.  We are innovators, problem solvers and creative partners. Our experienced staff brings to bear an array of technical knowledge acquired from years of working in industries such as theme parks, product design, architecture, advertising, museums, and film and television. A talented group of production managers, design directors and shop supervisors work together to manage an equally diverse group of artisans and craftspeople that represent some of the best working in the industry today.  But Dillon Works didn’t start out as the powerhouse we are today and so, a little history –

The journey begins.

The year was 1985. Mike Dillon, a former Disney “Imagineer” with a background in film and retail displays, decided that it was time to hang up his own shingle. And so, he did, in his grandmother-in-law’s garage. From those inauspicious beginnings, mostly making walk-around costumes and doing props and sets for television commercials, Dillon Works was born. In the years since then, the company has grown to become an internationally known design/fabrication leader with a list of globally recognized clients that represent a wide variety of industries.

At the helm, remains Mike Dillon, our president and the creative driving force at Dillon Works. We strive to strengthen the many relationships we have forged over the years while also continuing to make new ones.

So, come join us if you will. We know the way.