Project Management

Our Account Project Manager’s philosophy, not that they are philosophical…

Our Account Project Managers (APM’s) are considered the “point” people and client advocate once the project is in production. They serve as the information conduit between the client and Dillon Works, as well as all departments within the company. They strive to be several steps ahead in the process, anticipating material, information, and critical milestone and deadline requirements.

The APM makes every effort to keep our clients informed as to the progress of their project and uphold the integrity of the client’s design concepts and vision. Constant contact is encouraged via telephone, fax, and e-mail, along with electronic images and onsite inspections to track progress. Finish samples are routinely submitted to help insure we are meeting the expectations of our clients. In addition to our weekly production meetings, ad hoc meetings are held throughout the course of the project to resolve issues and keep staff current on immediate problem solving discussions.

We know that clean and concise communication, both internally and with our clients, is at the heart of a well-run project. It is always our goal to establish a well articulated scope of work up-front to minimize misunderstandings later in the project life-cycle. When problems do crop up (and let’s face it, they do!) our objective is to work proactively with our clients to resolve the issue with minimal disruptions to both the contracted scope of work, budget and ultimately the schedule.