We put projects in their place

Clarified in the contractual documents, the installation of Dillon Works provided elements can take several forms. Often our client will have a preference or a requirement to use a specific method and/or group to provide the installation of our work. In this instance we’ll work together with the installation representative to provide as much assistance as required. This often takes the form of sending a supervisor to the site to work with the installation team, as well as, all of the typical explanatory documentation, hardware, etc. as contractually required.

Dillon Works is also called upon to turnkey a project from start to finish, installing the elements we produce on site at the location. Under this scenario we will gather the appropriate talent and supervision, and arrange travel and all of the required support elements, coordinating our activities with the GC and other vendors to insure the installation is successful.

We also maintain a network of qualified installation companies around the country to provide installation labor when local conditions dictate requirements that we do not provide.