Design Process

Dixon Ticonderoga by our side, we walk the earth at ¼” to the foot…

When a potential client comes to us for the first time, it is a bit disconcerting for them to spend a lot of money on a project that, in all likelihood, has never been done before.  It’s not like buying a bag of onions at the grocery store.  It takes us educating the client, and earning their trust.  This is where design plays a crucial role.

It’s the job of our designers (working in concert with our Project Managers), to prove to you why we do what we do.

Why did we use plastic instead of wood?
Why did we galvanize the steel first?
Why shouldn’t there be a slide right next to the monkey bars?
Why are there only chocolate donuts?

For every action we take in design, there is a reason for it, often based on past experience.  So it is our job to educate you as to the decisions we make, and why they are good for your project.  After we do that, little by little, we start to earn your trust.

Our ultimate goal is to earn your trust.

A conversation becomes a sketch
becomes a digital model
becomes a package of shop drawings
becomes an amazing project that will knock the socks off of you and your guests

So once we earn your trust…well…that’s a mighty fine bag of onions.