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When you need a creative life raft in a stormy sea of drearyness, here’s how to contact us…

Every project we create is built at our 3.9 million-square-inch production facility in Mukilteo, Washington – a suburb about half an hour north of Seattle. We love to show it off, so if you’re in the area stop by for a visit. Or, if that isn’t really practical, we should probably point out that you are currently viewing our web site so just start clicking on the words at the top of the page until you see pretty pictures…

If you have any questions about us, how we work, or how we can help you on a project, please contact our suitably chipper Sales Department via any one of the following technological wonders:

Telephone: 425-493-8309
Fax: 425-493-8310
Snail Mail:
Dillon Works! Inc.
11775 Harbour Reach Dr.
Mukilteo*, WA 98275


It’s near Seattle . . .
only harder to say.

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