Reindeer Games

Part of Dillon Works’ annual Holiday Pot Luck tradition involves a party game in which one or more topics are written on a conference room whiteboard first thing in the morning.   Throughout the course of the day, Dillon Workers respond anonymously in writing and cast their votes for the best responses.  The winners receive Fabulous Cash Prizes, but we all have a blast learning about our co-workers exploits, foibles and predicaments.  Here’s a sampling of this years Q & A with the winning responses in BOLD:


  • Don’t stick out too far; the lawnmower is just around the corner
  • How  you gonna do it if you really don’t wanna dance?  Get your back up off the wall!
  • Take big steps, your shoes will last longer
  • Don’t go crazy
  • There are three sides to every story
  • Write on the board to the right _before drinking lots of BK’s egg nog
  • Never turn down a free meal
  • Do your best, that’s all you can do (mum on sitting exams)
  • Be thankful
  • Don’t expectorate to if expect to rate
  • Put human relationships above all other priorities
  • Just shut up and listen
  • If you need help from someone, make it as easy as you can for them
  • Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie 1935. (Boss requested for career guidance)
  • Enjoy your kids while they’re young because they grow up too fast
  • Work hard a become a leader; be lazy a become a slave.  Proverbs 12:24
  • It’s not how we get into trouble, it’s how we get out of it
  • If you’re unhappy with your life – volunteer. Helping others puts your troubles into perspective
  • Fail fast and fail often
  • When they say, “Do not feed the bears”, DO NOT feed the bears
  • Pain in inevitable; misery is optional
  • Try not to have a boring life
  • If you don’t have looks or smarts, you’d better work on your personality!!
  • Accelerate halfway through the turn
  • When hiking and being attacked by wild animals, you only have to run faster than the person you’re hiking with
  • Moisten needle before insertion
  • Put your worries in your back pocket, ’cause it all comes out in the wash


  • I sent away for an application to clown college
  • I can make both Meth and Moonshine
  • At 17, I hitchhiked from Albuquerque, NM to Sopchoppy, FL
  • I can’t feel the bottoms of my feet
  • I am an ordained minister
  • I once stood in line at Studio 54 dressed as Darth Vader
  • I was a bedwetter
  • I had a pig for a pet
  • I sang in a choir
  • I was an altar boy
  • I have lived within five miles of the house where I was born for 90% of my life
  • I was written up in a medical journal for having my lazy eye fixed with medication (not surgery)
  • I own a surgical rib spreader
  • I like beer
  • I did training with the 2nd Ranger Battalion in the back woods of Louisiana while wearing women’s perfume
  • My life is apparently very boring
  • I’m allergic to dogs
  • I’ve had lunch with Lady Gaga
  • I was robbed at knifepoint
  • I got berated by Diana Ross
  • I really don’t know what I’m doing
  • I once assaulted a postal worker
  • I can trace back my family genealogy at least 29 generations
  • I turned down a modeling job to work at Dillon Works


  • Restek (- Computer Support)
  • 4th hand on a shrimp boat
  • Scraping paint off school buses
  • Hoeing sugar beets
  • Lawn mower & tractor showroom prep
  • Wiping old people’s bottoms & shaving the old ladies at a nursing home
  • Changing dampers inside a 40 ton coal mill
  • Painting seat numbers on arena bleaches – row after row…
  • Cleaning horse stalls every day before going to high school
  • Working at the car wash through winter
  • My work life is apparently very boring
  • Worked at the shipyards in Ballard, (7) 16-hour shifts.  My company put me up in the Thunderbird Motel on Aurora for two months. I couldn’t sleep at night because the “lady” working next door was very busy
  • Super microscopic speck finder
  • Project Manager at Universal Studios (’nuff said)
  • I worked for an owner who would yell at all his people on a daily basis and tell them they were incompetent morons
  • Having to walk streets filled with mobs of drunken frat boys in old town Pasadena  while dressed as a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day.  Me: “Top of the mornin’ to ya”.  Them: “f@#k off!”
  • Sitting in a ‘library quiet’ shop with a magnifying glass and tweezers cleaning/repairing precision tools
  • Picking up F.O.D (Foreign Objects Debris)on a runway in -12 degree weather
  • Owning and running a stupid Class H Bar and Restaurant


Sweet Dreams…

There’s no greater ego boost than seeing your work make the cover of a prominent trade publication. The September 2013 issue of  VMSD magazine (Visual Merchandising & Store Design) features a fabulous animated candy chandelier, among many other fixtures that we fabricated for Kid’s Cavern – an over-the-top children’s department store at New Yaohan in Macau. 

Who needs vegetables?



‘Nuff said..

It’s nice to know how clients really feel about you.  We were recently forwarded on an e-mail our client had sent to someone else:
I like how easy it is to work with Dillon Works.  One email with all info – so rare.”

‘Nuff said.

School Lunch Program

In keeping with our popular tradition of themed lunches, Dillon Workers were recently treated to the “School Cafeteria” lunch that must of us remember fondly (or not). As you might expect, the menu consisted of hot dogs, square pizza, chocolate milk served in the carton, mac & cheese, tater tots, a mysterious Jell-O concoction and brownies. To complete the scene, lunch was served on compartmentalized lunch trays just like the real thing, only compostable.

Following a primordial instinct to form social groups, the “cool” kids gathered at the center table, while the rest of us were relegated to the sidelines, despite Lunchroom Monitor/CFO, Mizz Rogelstad’s admonishments to not form cliques.

At the beginning of hour, conversation revolved around fond memories of youthful innocence. However, as the meal progressed a number of the staff simultaneously regressed to elementary school behavior, and all the undesirable traits associated with it. Before long, rubber bands, paper airplanes and the occasional tater tot were sailing back and forth across the lunchroom. Since the skirmish was rumored to have been started by Mr. Dillon himself, the lunchroom ladies’ reprimands went largely ignored.

In the end, order was restored with threats of having dessert cancelled, at which time we all came to our senses and quietly ate our brownies.

Let there be LIGHT!

Here’s a deep dark secret we’d like to illuminate for you: Dillon Works make light fixtures! Yes, yes…we know…SHOCKER! While most people know us for our amazing immersive environments, or our iconic giant sculptural projects, making custom, high-end light fixtures has been kept in the…ahem…dark, for many years. So we’re highlighting this one facet of our diverse capability for you.

Who knew that we made dozens of giant planet light fixtures for a theme park in Hong Kong? Or 12-foot tall pendants for a casino in Pennsylvania? Gigantic drum light fixtures for a casino in Arizona? Or sculptural chandeliers for a national department store? Heck, we’ve even created a piece of art in a hotel lobby that’s part sculpture, part mural, and part lighting magic!

We’re here to enlighten you.